Increasing stress levels to cause illness

Now it has become increasingly clear that the preferred strategy of indian intelligence and security agencies to kill harmless indian citizens who they dislike is to increase the stress levels to the maximum possible.
The stress caused will adversely affect the targetted person over a period of time and he or she will die soon. These officials are extremely ruthless in increasing the stress levels, using brain reading technology to find out what causes the maximum stress and then doing everything possible to make the person angry and upset.

For example when the domain investor is travelling and has to plan everything in advance and great detail, with less free time, they will send many orders so that the domain investor is under very great stress to complete the work. Now the domain investor is relatively free, has almost no work, there are zero orders despite spending a lot of time bidding for work .

This clearly indicates that the main focus of security, intelligence officials is on causing maximum stress, anger.