NTRO using microwave technology to cause heart attack

The death of the chief minister of a state recently after a heart attack again highlighted the fact that NTRO has the technology to cause heart attack in any indian citizen or resident who they wish to harm, which is not covered by the dishonest mainstream indian media . India’s largest female domain investor has been tortured repeatedly causing chest pain for the last few years, as the ntro officials led by j srinivasan are trying to cause a heart attack with microwave weapons, to cover up their resume theft, impersonation, sex, cheating fraud on the harmless domain investor.
The fact that microwave radiation technology is being used to cause heart attack can be proved because the pain is only experienced in one place in panaji, goa, when the domain investor will move to a place which is less than 1 kilometer away, no pain is experienced at all. This indicates that the ntro officials assigned to murder causing a heart attack , are using expensive bulky equipment for causing the heart attack, which cannot be easily moved and are focussing on causing a heart attack only when the domain investor is in a specific area .
At a pharmacy these officials had also kept expensive equipment to protect the chest from microwave radiation and it remains to be known how effective the expensive chest guard for protecting the body from the ntro killer radiation . Till the media exposes these contract killer government employees many more will die of heart attack which is actually murder by the state.