Shungite polished pyramids for protection


Everybody knows that any pyramid contains the energy of the Universe, some mysteries and a lot of secrets. All the people who are looking for the Unknown wanted to solve the mystery of this enigmatic figure.

Shungite pyramid focuses the power of Cosmos. At first, its shape, full of secrets, concentrates the energy. Secondly, shungite stone is a miracle product. It has a lot of positive energy and high-powered properties. So shungite pyramid accumulates energy and give strength to solve your everyday problems and to enjoy all sides of your life. Using the shungite pyramides may be the perfect way to protect youself from harmful substances and electromagnetic fields of various nature.

How to use shungite polished pyramids?

You can affix the pyramid to the affected area and hold for a quarter of an hour. You need to remember that the tip of the shungite pyramid shouldn’t be directed to the another person’s side, to the animal or plants (it can have the harmful effects because the negative energy of your illness could go to them).

Shungite polished pyramid helps to the people with insomnia. There’s no age limit. Its effect will be only positive. Pupils and students can concentrate all the thoughts before really hard and relax after it. Pyramids can improve family and collective relationships, create an atmosphere of material and moral well-being, comprehension and effectiveness.

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